Hoedown in the Hocking Hills!

squaredancingYeee-Haw!  Swing your partner and do-si-doh!  Hey, keep off the toes.  That’s right. Get out your steel toed cowboy boots and your prettiest crinolines – the Hale/Quiring clans are going square dancing.  Friday July 19th, after the rehearsal, we all head over to Uncle
Buck’s Riding and Drinking Barn for a finger lickin’ good meal and then an evening of old fashioned square dance fun. It all begins at 6:30 PM.

squarecallerStarting at 7 PM, Gary Lehman and the Country Strings will be performing – and some of their wives will be there to show us all the ropes. (This isn’t actually their picture…)

Here is what Logan Daily News’ LESLIE GRAY has to say about them:

LOGAN — This week’s Music in the Park performers are Gary Lehman and The Country Strings, who will take the stage at 7 p.m. Friday in Logan’s Worthington Park.

“We’ve played here for a number of years off and on since it started,” Gary Lehman, lead singer and drums, said.  The remaining band members of Gary Lehman and The Country Strings include Paul Sneider of Lancaster on steel guitar; Bob Holland of Hebron, lead guitar, rhythm bass and vocals; Bob Parsley of Groveport, lead bass and vocals; and Stephanie Magill of Groveport, bass and vocals.

The band formed based on friendships and associations with other musicians throughout the years.  Lehman and Sneider have performed together for about 40 years, beginning in a different band. Holland has been with the group about 25 years, Parsley about 10 years and his daughter Magill about five years.

“We really do a lot of old standard country,” Lehman said. The group also plays square dance music when the opportunity arises.

For the past 25 years, Gary Lehman and The Country Strings have performed at the Gibisonville Recreation Center the first Saturday of every month from November to March for round and square dances.

squarefinalGood Food! Square dancing! In a “drinking barn”! What more could you ask for?