Ohio’s very own “little piece of heaven”, Old Man’s Cave Chalets offers the largest selection of luxury private cabins, cozy woodland suites, and spacious lodges in the Hocking Hills.

lodge_firesideMarketing fodder aside – we’re hoping Old Man’s Cave Chalets will be the perfect place for BAGSFOW.

Our accommodations include a 5-bedroom lodge with private pool, jacuzzi and pool table.  This will be the “loud house” – especially once Michelle cranks up the karaoke machine!




The main lodge will be buzzing like grand central station 24/7 – fortunately it’s large enough for us all to spread out.  Expect some killer Monopoly/Risk games – or origami…  Who knows what Gogi and her sisters have in store!


For guests who value their sanity we’ve also rented several 2-bedroom cabins –  just far enough away from the lodge to allow them to maintain plausible deniability in the event of law enforcement action or secret department government intervention on goings-on at the main lodge.


The cabins are independent living units with bedrooms and a full kitchen – even a private jacuzzi.


Also check out the YouTube videos for more about the resort:

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18905 State Route 664 S
Logan, OH 43138

Phone: 800-762-9396
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