Gogi is Licensed to Wed

gogi_courthouseOn Friday Gogi and I drove 2 hours across Ohio to the Hocking Hills County Courthouse to obtain a marriage license.

Taking that drive is like a time machine across a land where the memory of Yankees and Rebels charging across the fields to the whistle of grapeshot and booming cannon fire is still vivid.  Corn – corn, I say, as far as the eye can see – and then beyond.

At the courthouse the guard at the door directed us up the marble steps to the second floor.  The vaulted atrium has stood solemn since 1923, when presidents Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge may have delivered speeches from the courthouse steps.

The Hocking Hills area is a lush green world rife with history; a portal into a simpler time. We’re looking forward to coming back next week to Old Man’s Cave Chalets.

Meet Weston – the Lead BAGSFOW Ringbearer

weston_sparklerNow that you’re all familiar with Will – it’s time to meet his younger brother Weston.  Weston is being called into service as the lead BAGSFOW Ringbearer. His new cousin, Andrew, is the Assistant Ringbearer.

Weston’s best at making sure that Will doesn’t get too cocky  about his prodigious brain power – since Weston also tests at the top of the charts.  I can only imagine what these two are going to do with all that mental ammunition!

Stay posted for more info on what Weston’s up to this summer!


Cheers to BAGSFOW

Gogi in SLC airportCheers to everyone preparing to attend BAGSFOW – we have officially begun the trip!

One of the reasons we enjoy the trip from Reno to Ohio is the layover at Salt Lake City airport.  They have two brewpubs with a nice IPA at each one.  The Gordon Biersch Brewery also has special wi-fi enabled tables with outlets so you can seamlessly keep the business running whilst enjoying a pint.

What should you bring/wear?

rainAccording to the Hocking Hills visitors center, summertime in Ohio brings temperatures that are nearly always comfortable, ranging from 50° to 85° F, with cooler temperatures in the evening, in the caves and gorges and on the shaded trails. Try dressing in layers, as the Hocking Hills weather forecast varies throughout the year and temperatures can fluctuate often. Good, sturdy hiking boots or athletic shoes are important on the trails.  Afternoon rain showers are not uncommon this time of year.

For BAGSFOW you may want/need to bring:

clothes1swimsuit, sunglasses, hat
luau clothes clothes3
light rain jacket – especially those going to see Tecumseh
hiking attire clothes4

yoga clothes




wedding attire – take a tip from the Pip, dresses are always in style (silly hats too I guess)… whatever you are comfortable in

Super fun clothes you will want to be photographed in… you never know where the paparazzi will show up!




What is there to do?

Glad you asked! First, checkout the amazing calendar of events that are unique to BAGSFOW guests only.

In your spare time, here are some excellent caves, hikes, and other fun things to do and explore.    http://www.1800hocking.com/ohiostateparkhockinghills

Like mumuseumseums? They have ’em!

(These are pencil sharpeners)

Museums and Art  |  click for category map
Bowen House (The) 866-380-2253 Website Icon
Columbus Washboard Company 740-380-3828 Website Icon
Decorative Arts Center of Ohio 740-681-1423 Website Icon
Hocking County Historical Society & Museum 740-385-6026 Website Icon
Pencil Sharpener Museum 740-385-9706 Website Icon
Robbins Crossing at Hocking College 740-753-6344 Website Icon
Sherman House / Georgian Museum 740-654-9923 Website Icon
The Ohio Glass Museum

Athens Farmers Market 740-594-5522 Website Icon
Earth, Water, Rock: Outdoor Adventures 740-664-5220 Website Icon
Happy Hills Fun Park 740-385-6720 Website Icon
HHTA GeoTrails 800-462-5464 Website Icon
Hocking Hills Adventure Trek 740-777-2579 Website Icon
Hocking Hills Gem Mine 800-562-0251 Website Icon
Hocking Hills Nature Trails 740-592-2500 Website Icon
Hocking Valley Scenic Railway 800-967-7834 Website Icon
Hunting at Hocking Hills Cabins 800-385-4161 Website Icon
Rock Climbing & Rappelling by Hocking Hills Adventure Trek 740-777-2579 Website Icon
Sharp Farms Pumpkins & Corn Maze 740-215-8384 Website Icon
The Buckeye Trail 740-394-2008 Website Icon
Touch the Earth Adventures 740-591-9094 Website Icon
Walker Farm 740-385-6758
Wayne National Forest 740-753-0101 Website Icon
Parks  |  click for category map
Ash Cave 740-385-6841 Website Icon
Cantwell Cliffs 740-385-6841 Website Icon
Cedar Falls 740-385-6841 Website Icon
Conkle’s Hollow Nature Preserve 740-385-6841 Website Icon
Hocking Hills State Park 740-385-6841 Website Icon
Lake Logan State Park 740-385-6841
Old Man’s Cave 740-385-6841 Website Icon
Rock House 740-385-6841 Website Icon
Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

Besides the caves and trails, how about additional outdoor fun?

clothes5There is miniature golf, horseback riding, golf, movie theaters, zipline tours, canoeing… it’s all available through http://www.1800hocking.com/ohiostateparkhockinghills

But the most fun will undoubtedly be at BAGSFOW !


Two Weeks to BAGSFOW

gogi_bikingTwo weeks away from BAGSFOW – and things are coming together at a furious pace.  I can’t believe how soon we’ll be there.

A huge hurrah to Gogi for shepherding the whole process.  Hopefully after all the preparation she’ll have a chance to enjoy the aloha love and relax.

She sure looks pretty taking the exercise bike for a spin – if that was a real bike she’d be halfway to Ohio by now.

brian_bikingYou can tell I’m especially serious about preparing for BAGSFOW – or why else would I be posing on an exercise bike?

What, you’re supposed to move your legs too?  Just doing my part to save the planet – by conserving energy.

Eatin’ up a storm at BAGSFOW

kalua-pigThe main attraction at BAGSFOW will be all of the great eating.  Here’s a sample of what you are going to get:

Wednesday Night: The meeting of the clans over local pizza and healthy salads (and beer).  We’re keeping it simple on the first night – but brace yourself – for some serious down-home cooking is on its way!

Thursday: Breakfast at the lodge or make your own (includes cereal). Bagels/cream cheese, scrambled eggs with cheese, maple bacon, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, fresh fruit. Coffee/tea.  Lunch> Make your own Deli Platter sandwich, potato salad, fruit, veggie tray.  Dinner> Girls: Ham/cream cheese roll-ups, quiche, marinated mushrooms, potato skins with cheddar/bacon/green onions, stuffed olives, veggie tray. Strawberry daiquiris. Gina’s surprise  desserts! Boys are going out for burgers and a boy’s night out.


Friday: Bfast at the lodge or make your own, same as Thursday.  Also serving yogurt and fruit.  Lunch> Grilled Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, salads, cheese, avocados, fruit.  Dinner> Rehearsal Dinner at Uncle Bucks Riding Barn – Smoked Chicken, 2 sides, dessert and Portobello mushroom lasagna for our vegetarians.

hulaSaturday: Bfast>  Grab something light since the wedding starts at 10:30 am.  Lunch> Sit down Reception Brunch at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls! Sweet rolls and mimosas to start. Eggs Benedict, stuffed chicken breasts or marinated flank steak. Wedding cake!  Dinner> Put on your Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts for the LUAU – Kalua Pork with shredded cabbage and carrots, sweet Hawaiian sauce and grilled pineapple salsa on Hawaiian rolls.  Fish Tacos with coleslaw (Wasabi or mild), rice, 3 bean salad, cheesy potato casserole.  Top it off with Pineapple Upside Down Cake!


Sunday: Free-for-all raiding of all the leftovers.

Legal Disclaimer: The BAGSFOW legal team requires we disclose that while we cannot condone overindulgence in Kalua pork, 3 bean salad, coleslaw and dessert – we certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from going back for second or third helpings!


Tim and Lily


The BAGSFOW best man is my friend Tim. Tim and I met in high school and have kept in close touch all these years. For the last 30 years Tim has had the unique opportunity of being an orchestral guitarist for the world-famous Cincinnati Pops Symphony Orchestra.  Tim is an integral part of the Ohio music scene and maintains a busy schedule scoring and performing music.


Lily was performing as a jazz singer in Dayton when she met Tim.  Music is just one of their many common interests.  Having Tim and Lily around the karaoke machine will help turn BAGSFOW into a world-class musical event!

This is the fifth post in a series of notable events for people appearing at BAGSFOW – if you have an announcement – let us know!

Meet the Shermans: Michael, Michelle, Andrew and Alyssa


This is Andrew (age 2), my grand-nephew (one of many).  He is Michael (my nephew, Gina’s son) and Michelle’s (Matron of Honor and my good friend) first child.  He is showing me a cool rock he found.  Andrew loves to read and do stuff outside.  Bugs, rocks, running, and (recently) swimming are all things that he enjoys.

andrew3This is Andrew now (4) and his new baby sister, Alyssa.  Alyssa was born as Brian and I were having a transcendental moment, bike riding down Mt. Haleakala.  It appears that Alyssa mostly wiggles a lot and looks cute in between napping, eating and diaper changes. In reality, her brain is working non-stop on mastering language, social skills, motor skills and how to get what you need.  It’s a very tiring job and so you can see why she might sleep more than we do.

Speaking of sleep…

andrew4Here are A & A’s sleep-deprived parents: Michelle and Michael.  On top of raising the kiddees together, Michael is a master gardener and runs his own landscaping company in Southern California.  Two years ago, he spent one vacation up at my house, putting in an extensive drip system for my massive garden.


One year they spent their Christmas break with me.  2010 019  And they also were visiting me that fateful summer, when I went out on my first date with Brian.  Afterwards, Michelle told me that she knew something was special about that date.  It was written all over my face.  Michelle is a highly regarded elementary school teacher.  Her students love their Mrs. Sherman and while she enjoys them as well, right now she is loving the summer break! M & M also enjoy hiking, barbequing, crafts, camping and church.

nicoles weddingThe Shermans have the honor (responsibility, unfortunate luck) of being the only Quiring nephews/nieces at BAGSFOW.  This hasn’t made them extra popular with my many other nephews/nieces but c’mon people!  I have a BIG family.  I’ve promised them that they will likely leave with good blackmail pictures as a reward. Michael’s mother and stepdad will be here too (Gina and Curt).

Another important event linking us together is that Brian proposed to me on their wedding anniversary…  What will come next?

This is the fourth post in a series of notable events for people appearing at BAGSFOW – if you have an announcement – let us know!  Click the family category to see all the posts!