Meet Will

will_dem_smallHi everyone – meet Will.  Will is my nephew, and is my sister Melissa’s oldest son.

Aside from his youthful good looks Will has one other major characteristic – he is really smart. The tests prove it, and he freely admits it.

You might think you’re smart – but you’re not – at least compared to Will.

I encountered Will’s mental acuity when he  almost beat me at checkers last Christmas – the game was a draw.  From the stunned expression on his face I could almost hear his brain  repeating “this does not compute”. It’s unlikely he’ll let that happen again.

will_2_sparklersAt BAGSFOW, when Will’s not dominating at the gaming table or performing other feats of cerebral dexterity he will play a very important role managing the technical aspects of the event.

At right we see Will performing a bit of nuclear fusion in his spare time.  Now if he can only invent a way to clean his bedroom!

This is the third post in a series of notable events for people appearing at BAGSFOW – if you have an announcement – let us know!